Ronan belongs to the Humanistic and Integrative tradition of work. This approach places a deep listening experience based on the principles of respect, safety and mutuality at the core of the therapeutic relationship. The Integrative model is eclectic in nature and draws on various theories of work; Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Reality Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy/CBT, depending on the clients presenting issue and the clients own way of relating to their issue.  The Psychodynamic approach places an emphasis on the past,  which can also be addressed by exploring and identifying any ways in which the past manifests itself in the present. What is important is the therapist's ability to attune to the spoken, the subtle, and the unspoken, working in a way where a language of communication is developed between the client and therapist. 



I started therapy when I needed it the most and was lucky enough to find Ronan straight away on campus in NUIG for 6 weeks, which became another six, after which I continued attending with Ronan in Private Practice. The thing for me is , that for the first time in my life I felt heard and understood. By going every week for almost 2 years and sitting down with Ronan, I learned about myself and others and grew so much as a person by talking honestly with someone who is firm, funny and most of all an incredible listener. I would recommend attending Ronan to anyone , and I have, because I think it is rare to find someone who can be this professional and caring at the same time. I know I was very lucky and I’ll never stop being grateful.”


I had 6 sessions with Ronan October to November 2018. I was very pleased with each session and found that I made emotional progress with each session. In my opinion Ronan was very present and attentive in all sessions, He was sensitive to my upset and expressed memories. He demonstrated real empathy and understanding to my experiences. He focused appropriately on my perception of events and sometimes challenged my way of thinking which empowered me to see things from different points of view. This I found to be a very positive approach that he used, as it moved me forward in my thinking and feelings about traumatic events and significant relationships in my life so that I can start to really heal from them. Having that 1 hour , protected time, for me to express myself, was very beneficial and important for me and Ronan understands the value of his sessions and is very tuned into his clients on an individual basis. I would highly recommend attending Ronan, as a counsellor .”


Ronan’s approach to therapy has completely turned my life around. I had no idea what to expect, but he was patient and understanding and did not try to rush the healing process, As a result I am a more positive person with a solid, newfound belief in myself. I cannot thank Ronan enough.”


The general perception is that everyone who invests in therapy is suffering from depression. Like everybody else these days, I lead a busy life that leaves little time for inward reflection or a basic acknowledgement of emotional patterns. I’m a 24 year old male living in Galway who, over the course of a full year, availed of Opus Coumselling’s service , delivered by Ronan. From the first session Ronan provided a safe space for me to mentally unpack my thoughts and work through my insecurities. He listened attentively and offered life-changing insights into the roots that were driving my destructive behaviour. More importantly, however, Ronan guided me to a place where I found the keys needed to unlock myself. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ronan and Opus Counselling services to anyone.”