How do I know you are the right therapist for me?

 The simple answer to this question is that you won’t know until we have a face to face meeting.  Research has shown that the most important aspect of a successful therapeutic outcome, irrespective of the professional orientation of the therapist, is the relationship between the client and therapist.  This can be ascertained upon our first meeting/consultation.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last 1 hour with a check in and wind down time after 50 minutes.

How long does the therapy last?

If you wish to make a further appointment after the initial session, it is suggested that you attend for a further 6 sessions.  After this time a review will take place where you can re-evaluate  and decide if  there is a need or wish to continue on a longer term basis.   This decision will be made by you, the client.  


Fees are €60 per session.

What is the different between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

There is a considerable overlap between Counselling and Psychotherapy but there are two main differences worth noting. The first is that counselling can be more "solution focused" or immediate in addressing a problem or difficulty.  Secondly counselling work is conducted mainly in the present tense without too much emphasis placed on the past. 

Psychotherapy on the other hand, focuses more on the healing and integrating of traumas, emotional or relational difficulties, by looking at the past or how the past manifests in the present.  Another aspect of the work of psychotherapy is to garner a deeper awareness of the underlying causes or roots of a problem. Aspects of this work may include giving attention to the unconscious process of the client, or any impulses which exacerbate or contribute to the clients difficulties that the client may yet have no conscious awareness of.

 "Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate" Carl Jung.  

The other main difference is the duration of the work. Counselling is usually short term, while psychotherapy is of longer duration depending on the issue and the pace the client is comfortable working at. Whichever approach is sought or appropriate, the ultimate aims of counselling and psychotherapy is for greater self awareness, self esteem, peace of mind and satisfying interpersonal relationships.